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With our services, you will be able to compare the most comprehensive list of lending products from providers that we are partnered with as well as other lenders in the market place.

The great part about us is, we are an independent service that is not tied to any provider or lender. Our missison is to provide Canadian's with as much information and transparency as possible when making your decision on which product best suits your personal lending needs.


Any time you borrow money, you should make payments on time or you may negatively impact your credit profile


Be sure to understand how much you can afford. It is imperative that you do not take on too much debt, high levels of debt become increasingly complicated to manage and near impossible to get out of.


If you are unsure about your financial position and need advice, feel free to talk to your primary banking institution


Your Credit Score is an element on how lenders judge if they are comfortable lending to you

The better your credit score the better your chances are of getting a credit card, a loan or even a mortgage, along with great rates for each.

LoanConnect is a partner of JustCompare.ca, a search engine that enables consumers to go online and search for loans from various Canadian lending institutions and Apply. This service is free with no impact to your credit score. With relationships to over 20+ providers, LoanConnect allows JustCompare.ca to service a wider range of Canadian Consumers with 100’s of additional products.

Secured debt is backed by an asset, such as real estate or a vehicle, also known as collateral. Under the terms of a secured loan, the lender is allowed to seize the collateral used to guarantee the loan if the borrower defaults (fails to make payments or to repay the loan). With unsecured debts, lenders don't have rights to any collateral for the debt, a common example of unsecured Debt would be credit cards.

This is a personal report that highlights your credit history. It contains information of all the mortgages, credit cards, credit lines, loans, mobile phone contracts you have applied for and the results of that application (whether you were approved or declined). It even holds your bill payment behaviour for some utilities such as gas, electricity and water bills .

This report provides a snap shot of your behaviour on managing debt and your finances. Your behaviour is important as it helps them understand how you would cope with more debt.

Lenders require your permission to review your report. They normally review your report during the application journey. Your results normally are reviewed against the risk appetite of the Lender. If you are a customer that fits within their risk level, then they will likely lend to you