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Credit Cards:  The ideal way to pay for Big Ticket purchases these days

October 22, 2018

There was a time when Cash was King! Anything you needed, you had to pay cash. That changed (not so long ago, I might add), when people paid for Big ticket items, like home appliances and furniture, by cutting a cheque. Millennials may not have to use a cheque in their lifetime, since payment modes… Read More

Mortgages: The choice of a mortgage provider matters when investing in properties

October 19, 2018

The ups and downs of the stock market are legendary. However, not every Canadian has the temperament or the patience to be a trader. And that’s why the Canadian property market offers a unique investment opportunity. But, when it comes to financing your property investment, be it through a first or second mortgage – how… Read More

Saving for Your First Home

September 12, 2018

It’s a tough market to get a mortgage application approved.  In order to avoid paying for default insurance, home buyers typically need to secure 20% of their home’s purchase price for a down payment. There are other benefits to paying a more substantial down payment. For one, it reduces your monthly principal and interest payment…. Read More

Our Guide to Paying Your Mortgage off Early

September 9, 2018

With one in three Canadian mortgage holders feeling overwhelmed by their mortgage payments, we give you an insight into the advantages of paying off your mortgage ahead of time. The most important question to address in this article is whether it’s worth your while to pay your mortgage off early. And by this, I’m addressing… Read More

Mortgage Rate vs. APR

August 17, 2018

After reading this article you will have empowered yourself with critical knowledge on the varying mortgage rates. Informed consumers get the best deals when shopping around.   We’ve also included insights on how to calculate the various interest rates as well as resources to make sure you find the best deal.   Nobody wants to… Read More

Mortgage Benefits: What first-time buyers should know about home-buying choices

July 23, 2018

Home ownership is a dream for many Canadians. However, many prospective home buyers are ill-prepared when it comes to taking the steps towards becoming home owners. That’s because they do not understand the options available to them, in terms of home-buying choices. More importantly, first-time buyers don’t realize the longer-term financial consequences on their mortgage… Read More

How to Find a Loan Provider When Your Credit Score is Less Than Perfect

July 11, 2018

Not everyone in Canada has a “perfect” credit score. Sometimes, try as hard as you might, you may have less than the ideal credit score. In some instance, you could even have bad or poor credit. However, you might still need to borrow money or take out a personal loan. We’ll tell you what you… Read More


Canada’s Financial Regulatory Landscape and Your Ability to Borrow

July 8, 2018

Canada’s financial institution regulatory framework covers Federally and Provincially-regulated institutions. While federally-regulated organizations operate Canada-wide, provincially-regulated institutions operate locally within a specific province. However, following the credit crisis of 2009 and, more recently, the household debt situation, we’re seeing a rise in Non-regulated Financial Institutions (NRFIs). What are Regulated Financial Institutions (RFIs)? Canadian Regulated Financial Institutions… Read More

Top Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

May 30, 2018

Signing your mortgage contract is a decision, good or bad, that will affect you for a good few years into the future. We’re here to give you guidance on the necessary, but often overlooked, aspects to consider when picking out your home. This article also helps to put your mortgage into perspective with your life… Read More

Safety Advice For Online Shopping with Your Credit Card

May 19, 2018

  I’ll start this article off by saying that using credit rather than debit cards online is far safer. Consumer protection is much more robust with credit cards, and you can even get zero liability policies. You can dispute fraudulent charges more easily if you pay with your credit card rather than a debit card…. Read More