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Today's real estate market is hot. Everyone wants housing. There are bidding wars. Reduce the hassle of being rejected, by comparing with JustCompare.ca today

JustCompare.ca – The Facts About Canada’s Newest Financial Comparison Platform for Tailored Results

In today’s market, it is increasingly prevalent that real estate is hot. As of December 2021, the average Canadian home price was $713,542. This marks an almost 20% increase from last year’s December numbers. Everyone wants housing, but did you know that an increasing number of mortgage applicants are being denied? JustCompare.ca is a new Canadian platform that can help you navigate the complicated Canadian personal lending market. As a independent site, their platform aims to build financial literacy for Canadians, by being transparent, impartial, and easy to use. With JustCompare.ca, you can independently Search, Compare and Apply for the mortgage you want in one place.  If you need any advice they can refer you to their knowledgeable broker network.   

This mortgage could be for your dream home, the next step on the property ladder, or your chance to start a life in Canada. At JustCompare.ca, our mission is to empower Canadians, helping to take the guess work out of applying for a mortgage.  There is no need to apply and be declined for products that are not suited to your needs.  Not all product nor customers are created equal, let JustCompare.ca help to find the lenders that meet your needs. JustCompare.ca’s platform has been designed to help customers looking for lending products online, putting everything you need in a single place. We put the customer in the driver seat, the whole process can be done independently or with a broker (or anything in-between).


JustCompare.ca for Today’s Market.

Nowadays, there are regulatory requirements and lending criteria that can make it hard to qualify for a mortgage. Numerous provinces have raised the minimum financial requirements that mortgage applicants have to meet. Ottawa has increased the level of what is known as a “stress test” over half a percentage point of where it was before. 

The mortgage stress test in Canada was initially created to ensure that potential homebuyers could only purchase within their means if interest rates were to increase. 

Canadian mortgage brokers have stated that borrower rejection rates from traditional banks and monoline mortgage lenders has skyrocketed by around 20% 

Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll get from using JustCompare.ca:

Within seconds, you can find products and rates that meet your lending needs

It only takes a few minutes for Canadians to find out who is likely to accept them for a mortgage by leveraging our online process.

There is no impact to your credit score.

You’ll gain access to competitive rates from top Canadian lenders.

JustCompare.ca is a free and independent service.

You’ll gain access to experienced Canadian brokers.

You can use our online platform 24/7 for real-time results.

When you choose JustCompare.ca, you’re in the driver seat. You get to choose who you want to get your mortgage from.

Our mission is to keep mortgages simple, maintain quality service, and to always be transparent. 

100% Independent. Non-Owned.

JustCompare.ca isn’t a broker, nor is it owned by any one financial institution, brokerage, or bank. We’re a Canadian financial product comparison website with a focus on transparency and efficacy. Comparatively, JustCompare.ca differs from other comparison hubs because it -

• Reduces the embarrassment of being rejected by showing you which banks are likely to accept you for a           mortgage application.
• Can be used anywhere at any time – 24/7 service.
• You get to choose.
• Today.

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