About JustCompare.ca

JustCompare.ca is a trademark owned by Just Compare Financial Comparison Ltd. We are a Canadian Financial Comparison site, which focuses on providing transparency to consumers looking to understand what Lending products are available to them in one place.

JustCompare.ca was established in 2016 and launched in 2017 offering a chance for customers to compare financial products such as mortgages, credit cards, and personal loans in one place.

There is an increasing amount of people who desire the ability to research and apply for personal lending products online, on their own terms. Our services provide this ability while saving them time and money. The advanced platform we have created will allow our users to search, compare, and apply online with the lender of their choice, to obtain the product they really want.

Mission Statement

Bring transparency to the lending industry, empowering customers with the ability to better understand and manage their basic banking needs while lenders are paired with quality leads. Ultimately, this will help to build healthy competition within Canada’s retail banking environment so that customers can get more value out of their personal banking and Providers are better able to attract the customers that meet their target market.

Brand values.

Be transparent

Provide quality service

Keep it simple

Our strategy.

Make banking easy to understand for customers

Help customers save money and borrow well

Provide instant results

Our mission.

Deliver services that provides value to customers and providers

To be the first choice for both customers and providers

Who are We

Our Team is made up of Financial Services Professionals, totaling over 40 years of industry experience (Retail and Commercial banking) in international strategy and technology innovation.

Through our experiences working with Financial Institutions, we have gained a strong understanding of what customers want from their banks as well as the challenges that lenders face .

Using each member’s experience, we have come together to create an online service that helps connect lenders to their target market while empowering those customers. Our users are provided with tools and information to find the lending products they require online, and given the ability to apply instantly.

Justcompare.ca is passionate about helping customers borrow well and responsibly and each service they provide is in line to that vision.

Ryan Sharma

Ryan Sharma, CIM

Ryan Sharma has over 15 years of experience in Information Technology, within the global financial services industry. His career has primarily focused on leading strategic initiatives within various retail and corporate business areas to innovate and future proof financial institutions for the long term.
Education: B.A in Economics & Chartered Investment Manager (CIM) Designation
Position: Co-Founder & CIO (Chief Information Officer) at JustCompare.ca

Kristian Feldborg

Kristian Feldborg

Kristian Feldborg has provided IT consultancy services to bank and insurance companies for the last 15 years. As an Executive consultant, he has worked with retail, investment banks and private equity companies with either buying or disposing of assets. He has also consulted on projects to acquire a retail banking license and has liaised with most of the major core banking system vendors.
Position: Co-Founder at JustCompare.ca

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MaRS works with an extensive network of partners to help entrepreneurs launch and grow the innovative companies that are building our future. Our vision is bold; our mission is more important than ever before.

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RIC Centre

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As the Entrepreneur and Innovation Hub for Mississauga, Brampton and Caledon, co-located with industry partners Xerox Research Centre of Canada and GreenCentre Canada, the RIC Centre offers a comprehensive range of support services to entrepreneurs for free, including mentorship and advisory services, hands-on workshops and networking events. Utilizing the expertise of RICC’s Entrepreneurs in Residence, RICC clients receive unparalleled professional guidance every step of the way. RIC Centre is a not-for-profit organization working to support innovative businesses within the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs.

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We are 100% independent, which means we’re not owned by any bank, broker, or other financial institutions. Our independence means we’re free to focus our energy and efforts on serving you, our customers.
We get paid in various ways. It depends on the type of product that is being compared.
We have a direct relationship with some lenders and they send us up to date information directly. For others, we have a third party firm that provides us the same data they provide other firms that are interested in this information.
No, we don’t provide advice. The information we provide on products are directly from Providers. We just display their details. If you are looking for advice, there are numerous paid and Government services available to you. If you go to our learning hub, you will find out information on support services that you can engage with and discuss with them, if they can meet your personal need.
No. We are only able to display all the products available to JustCompare, however some Providers do not like to be seen on comparison sites and therefore we are not able to display their products.
You can find your recent quotes by logging in to your account. When you go to your account you’ll see different sections that you can choose from: Make sure you enter the “Activity” section. In the Activity section you should see a dropdown menu. Here you can pick from mortgage, personal loans, and credit cards. Choose the one you want to retrieve your quotes for. If no quotes come up, try choosing “Show expired quotes” (next to the dropdown menu). If you choose “view/refresh prices”, we’ll resend your details to the insurance providers, so you can get up-to-date prices. You may have to update the policy start date before getting your prices. You should also check all the information you originally provided is still up to date. If no quotes come up after you’ve selected “Show expired quotes”, this means that no quotes have been saved for you. This could be because you weren’t logged in when you were entering your details. You can get new quotes by using the “new quote” button. If you’re still having trouble retrieving your quotes, please feel free to contact us
It is kept in your secure site safely. That way, next time you need to need to apply for a mortgage, personal loan, or credit card through our site, you don’t have to fill everything out but update your existing profile. We are always keen to make your life easy and save you time.
It depends on the Lender and the accuracy of your information. The rate that is shown reflects the rate they are willing to offer you personally given all the details you have provided. If, when you go through the full application with them, information changes or is identified to be inaccurate, the rate may change. Again, this is different for each Lender.
You can send us a secure message through the mail box, once you log in or you can call us. However, we encourage you to review our FAQ section to help with any questions.